The First Step

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Hello Trader and welcome to my blog. Let’s get right to the point.

Being aware of the real reason that make the markets move is the first step you need to do.

Someone is starting to understand something,but…

Very few know the real dynamics behind the markets and can take advantage.

In the markets there are things that happens,every day.  And if you recognize these unique situations, you can take advantage of it.

Markets are moved by accurate dynamics that are repeated every day.

Do you really think that the mini-Dow Jones will make a new high because a moving average crossed up another? Those strategies are available to everyone because in the end they do not work.

You can not think of being successful from the considerations that everyone can make from charts and available informations.

Markets are in the 90% of time MANIPULATED.

The key is to do exactly what Market Sharks do.

Market sharks can be defined as those factors that make the market move and affect the fundamental analysis. Even if this definition can not be useful at a practical level, open your eyes well because what I’m about to say is a key aspect and can definitely change your way to think about trading.

Market sharks, as well as determining the fundamental analysis, leave traces of them in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

They  leave traces of themselves, in charts. Clear patterns are created, perfectly connected with the manipulative movements, candle after candle. In other words, if you own the right knowledge, you can see directly from the chart what they are doing.

Stop believing in fairy tales, the market is a huge scam if you do not know how to move.

The truth is that you are just a prey, along with thousands of poor people who are still  placing the wrong orders, at the wrong price and at the wrong time.

Once you know what really happens, you just have to enjoy the show.

Become a Market Shark.

The Wall Street Secrets is being aware of the truth.

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