The No-Decision-Making Strategy


Hello Trader

A No-decision-making strategy is based exclusively on the rules that must be followed by the trader.

The only decision to make is whether to open the trade or not.

It is crucial once you learn the rules always respect them.

It is important to build your own trading plan, with the answer to all situations that may occur.

It takes discipline and self-control.

With no decision-making strategy a good trader does not feel any kind of emotions, either in front of charts and outside operations.

Yes, because you have to maintain a proper state of mind even when you are not working but you have some open positions.

You do not have to feel anxiety because you’re afraid that your stop loss is hit.

Your trading plan must also include the times when you do the checks, respect them.

In front of the graphics you have to be cold and mechanically open and close operations.

When you face a loss does not in any way calling into question the efficiency of the strategy.

Because on many other occasions them brought you to profit.

Accusing a stop loss is part of the trading, it is statistics.

At any time the professional trader knows that he is doing the right thing.

Because he respects the trading plan that he built around the strategy.

Obviously, to get all this you need a no decision-making strategy as Èlite, a winning strategy with a very high percentage of profitability, with all the advantages of a non-decision-making strategy, working a couple of hours per week.

The Wall Street Secret is a no decision making strategy.

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