Think Outside the Box


Good morning Trader!

Do you have that strength of propulsion that drives you to want to understand the exactly dynamic behind something that interests you, because you want to outstand and make the difference?

Take for example a classic trader, they taught him that there are two ways to earn from the market . Technical and fundamental analysis.

He apply a indicator, he study perfectly the rules and begins operating. It makes some profit but for a short time, he start losing and then he switch to another strategy, studying again but the result does not change.

This is repeated endlessly. With a high emotional investment.

The same gurus then say that he should not change strategy because the problem is that he is not quite prepared.

He will stay inside this loop forever, continuing to do the same things without asking himself any question.

The truth is that those strategies simply do not work.

Those strategies are available to everyone because in the end they do not work.

Do you really think that the mini Dow Jones will rise because a moving average has crossed up another?

To be a successful trader you do not need to have special knowledge in mathematics or be the economists who make complicated analysis.

You can not think of being successfull if your decisions are taken from things that everyone can see. Forget about it.

You must go to the source, understand and learn the real dynamics that move the markets every day.

And to do that you need inside the drive that pushes you to constantly seek the truth in things.

Because you know that there is something else. Something that still eludes you.

The Secret of Wall Street is Thinking Outside the Box.

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