Presence of Mind

trading focused

Hello Trader!

Presence of Mind: the ability to think and act in a calm and efficient way, especially in difficult situations.

Trading is an activity that every day puts a strain on yourself.

Trading is an art and if you want to achieve excellence you have to develop some features.

While for the strategic side, the best thing you can do, is to operate with a no-decision-making strategy, as Èlite, from the psychological side you need to develop some features that will make the difference even in the chaotic conditions of everyday life, which can seem to got nothing to do with trading.

You need self-control.

You can develop your inner strength simply by chewing very slowly at every meal.

You must practice the presence of mind every time you eat.

Every time you eat remember to chew slowly until food becomes liquid.

Sit well with your back straight.

If you usually chew very quickly and swallow too little chewed food surely you will fall back into old habits, do not worry is normal, simply reset and start again.

The point is this:

How can you have control over yourself if you can not even control your chewing, something completely under your power?

To trade at high levels you have to have a presence of mind in front of charts and maintain a state of emotional control when you have open positions and you are far away from the graphics, and of course, when you have to close a trade in profit or loss.

To do all this you first need presence of mind.

A step at a time.

Practice slow chewing and you’ll be closer to the excellence trading than you think.

The Wall Street Secret is the Presence of Mind.


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