Emotional Detachment


Hello Trader!

In the trading art you must maintain a state of lucidity that allows you to quickly change the point of view, to avoid superficial errors.
All of this with an underlying calm.

You must work to keep focused and have a clear mind. You can’t certainly afford to think about how your girlfriend last night watched your friend.

To achieve this, as in everything else you need to do a lot of experience, make mistakes, learn from mistakes and have the ability and the courage to persist.

The road is tortuous and full of challenges, but it’s worth it.

Those who surrender to the first difficulties do not last long. Too bad for them.

The result of your operations must never decide how emotionally you feel

You must be cold and uninvolved.

It is important to choose a non-decision-making strategy, especially if you started studying the trading recently.

Because once you mastered the strategy you just have to think about operate, mechanically.
Opening and closing positions. Again and again.

This is exactly what you have to do.

The secret of Wall Street is to be Emotionally Detached

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