Paradise Beach

73bf8007-627e-414b-9ff3-9ecf21dc8f47.jpgHello Trader!

Within a few days is the International Labor Day.


It’s the Slavery Party

A slavery perfectly legal with the laws that society imposes.

Very few are free from the system.

It is normal to wake up every morning, deeply unrealized, get in the car and head for a job that you do not like.

C’est la vie, someone says.

Let’s say something, if you do a job that you do not like the fault is just yours.

Just arrived at work,he puts a fake smile and he greets his colleagues.

For a few minutes he feels happy and deeply convinced that things will change.

With the best ideas he begins to work but soon he feel like a crap, he has to even deducte his break time to piss, some ask permission, just how it is taught at school.

Nice to work for somebody else’s dreams.

It’s lunch time, hurry back home to eat, just finished chewing the last bite and it’s already time to get back to that fucking job

He tried many jobs
They are all the same
It must be so, this is normal. There is worse out there!

Finally the evening arrives , goes out of work, and the following hours are not very enjoyable because they only need to prepare him for another day like this.

Here is what the holidays are for, they are like oases for those who live in the desert and die constantly of thirst.

He put aside some money, waiting for this moment

A nice lunch at the best restaurant with his girlfriend and just when it comes to the bill he realize that the godsend is over.

He has to start all over again

He will have to carry his body every day to work, self-abusing the mind, working 8 hours a day to spend all the money to spend 15 days in a crowded beach in full August.

Sometimes recognizing the right opportunities leads you to know the few right people.

I’m here, you know where you can find me

Have a nice day

The secret of Wall Street is enjoing a paradise beach while all the others are working.

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