A Bit of Money

Many  bundle of US 100 dollars bank notes

Hello Trader!

When new traders and unsuccessful ones think about trading, they believe that you must stay all day behind the charts to be profitable.

They are just miserable market chickens.

Because they saw a guy in his office, with multi-screen configuration, and a bit of cocaine just to stay awake and have that energy boost that holds high the urge to do a bunch of money.

Of course he has in background his favorite financial program, deliriously waiting for the next news.

Fuck! Look at his screen, it’s plenty of indicators

Oh look how many trend lines, he uses fibonacci too!

On average he does 10% per year.

And probably this isn’t even true.

But it’s easy for the new trader and the unsuccessful ones to believe it.

This result is worth all the time spent? NO.

Just think about


Èlite Trading Strategy average monthly return does not fall below 4-5%

Working  3 hours per week.

The relationship between the time spent and the result obtained is the key to financial freedom.

The truth is that you just have to work a couple of hours a day, even in the most frenetic time frames, but in the right hours, and with a few targeted operations you bring home a great profit.
And this can be done every day.

Because markets are moved by accurate and manipulative dynamics.

This doesn’t mean you will always know where the price will go.

Nobody knows.

We are concerned about the price going in that direction in most of the cases.

You don’t need any economic or mathematical skills.

You need a deep knowledge of how the market moves.

Orders are placed at specific levels.

Finance offers unrivaled earning and freedom opportunities to those who know how to do move.

Here is the purpose of this blog, to form a small group of traders to excellence levels.
To those who tell me that the price is too high I laugh, but they are the ones who wait for the magic expert advisor, who will make them rich in a short time and above all they will have it for free while they are sitting, just scratching the belly.

Which way do you want to follow?

A shark future awaits you.

Unless you like being a  market chicken.


The Wall Street secret is being a Market Shark.

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