A Matter of Control


Hello Trader!

Trading is so particular that you can’t take all the lessons learned in life, things that we can do directly on us to improve ourselves and think about applying these arrangements to become better traders.
Being in control for example, there are things you can control and dominate, while others you can’t even influence.

Focusing in order to bring under our control what we can have is good.
While for things we can’t control, the best we can do is to accept them.
In trading, we can control ourselves, how we operate, how much we decide to risk.
But we have no control over losses.
We have no control over a single operation
On the single operation I can not know if it will be good or bad.
No one knows.
So you have to accept stop loss.
They do not represent anything evil, and they protect us from greater losses.
You do not have to worry at all about getting stop losses.

You have to repeat the operations indefinitely, working in absolutely no judgment mindset.
Because you have a method that works, which you trust.
You just have to keep working without judging the results you get.
Let’s go back to control.
We have control over the series of operations.
Which is what interests us and what makes the difference.
Because cash ups are done at the end of the month.

In trading it may happen that even if you have studied it can go wrong.
But if you can’t accept it, you’d better get a apron to start your butcher career at the supermarket.

Have a nice weekend.
The Wall Street secret is to switch on and off your being in control.

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