Dear Broker, go fuck yourself!

damn broker

Goodmorning Trader!

Probably when you open an account with a broker, you are almost always contacted by an ”analyst” or ”consultant” who is punctually trying to fuck you.

He will ask you if you are successful, with a false and kind attention, and since are few those who earn, he will have the way open to your glutes.

He will offer you fantastic analysis, which are nothing but colossal bullshit, which obviously do not work with a mix of post-market analysis that even a newborn could do.

The truth is that they are part of the most miserable and poor people who, first and foremost, do not know how to earn from the market, so they try to take at home bread and water by rubbing the poor chickens that do believe him.

Brokers have their hands in a tangle of shady business, they teach you the techniques they will use against you.

Once  you have been brainwashed you will be ready for the market.

In this context, the probability of losing within the first five weeks all the capital, small or large, is over 95%.

If you do not know what few people know you are fucked.

You will always be one of the many losing chickens, one of those who lets themselves being  brainwashed under the name of ” free seminar or trading course for beginners “.

The secrets of the market will never be in the reach of all.
And certainly you will not learn them from your broker.

Your wealth is the poverty of someone else. So in the real world as in the financial market. There are no moralistic alternatives.

The Wall Street secret is turning into a shark.

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