My old friend Capitalism


There are people who still live in the world of fairy tales.

Those who dream and hope for a future where everyone is happy.
Where equality is concerned.

Beware, I’m talking economically.

But all this can not exist.
As I said on other occasions, the blanket is too short for everyone.
Your wealth is the poverty of someone else.

”The ongoing attempt to improve the living conditions at the expense of other subjects or other communities is part of the natural behavior of man and has always existed and will continue to exist, despite being manifested in different forms in history”

A redistribution of wealth would go against the principles of capitalism, whose foundation, let’s remember, lies in the concept of money’s accumulation.

The world does not need all this. The world needs different roles and different incomes to make things go the right way.

After all, what would I be without my poor gentlemen?

The Wall Street secret is about embracing Capitalism

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