Shit covered with Gold


Hello Trader

Every time I open the trading platform I know that in about an hour I will make lose a lot of money to a unfortunate trader.While my equity keep rising vertiginously.

The secret lies in following the moves that are constantly made by the voracious market sharks. You do not have to do anything else.

Maybe you are the one who gives me those moments of relaxation and freedom every day, while you work like a robot and you also have the courage to boast with your colleagues about how much you have produced in a day, but not for you, for someone else.

Be careful, I’m not mad at you, in the end those like me need people who get impoverished.

Trading is a  fight, where one individual gains at the expense of someone else, there are no friends.

If this is not good for yoy, trading is probably not for you.

How many times did you start trading again, how many times did you believe you had found the Holy Grail of trading and instead you had found punctually a big piece of shit covered with gold?

Reply honestly, but not to me, to yourself.

Wake up, and even in a hurry.

Because some trains stop only once, and if you do not get on in time, you’ll be watching it as it move away from you forever, leaving with that disappointment and awareness that you’ve missed an opportunity that only happens once in life, and sadly you will stay In your life as a slave, as long as you will be alive.

The Wall Street secret is about getting in the right train track.

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