Market Manipulation Dynamics Mastery


The Market Manipulation Dynamics Mastery is a highly specialized individual course aimed to anyone who wants to engage the professional trader’s career to levels of excellence.

Where will be treated in a specific and detailed way the manipulative dynamics that move the markets and the strategies and techniques to take advantage of the movements that derive from such dynamics.

Access to the course is limited and can only be accessed through a preliminary conversation with the master trader in order to evaluate the basic preparation and attitudes of the potential student.

The course is handled by the master trader and the lessons are divided into 3 parts for a total of 15 hours of individual coaching.

By request, for reasons related to the learning proces, lessons can be scheduled in different days. It is therefore possible to split the payment for the entire course in 3 parts. 

The course takes place online, with screen sharing by the master trader.

Given the exclusive content, students will not have to disclose the content learned in any way and it is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
No eBooks will be delivered, documents or pdf about the topics discussed.

For more information, launch price, booking the conversations and learning more about the specific program, please contact me.

The Wall Street secret is the Market Manipulation Dynamics Mastery.

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