Synchronizing the Risk and Time

The risk is totally under our control, and we can handle it at our will.
A professional trader knows he has to risk little and for a short time.

The risk per trade must never exceed 1%, of course, of the capital that you own at the moment.
With regard to exposure it is best to keep it at 3% maximum, to protect us from any consecutive stops and, this also allows us to open multiple positions, risking less.
And if the strategy is winning, statistics are on our side.

After opening a position with little risk, it is best to stay in the market for a short time, of course this varies from timeframe to timeframe, but the concept is the same.

Being my strategies exclusively based on the techniques of market sharks, who like to do things quickly, the average time of a trade is relatively low.
But if  the trade is putting more time than usual, to reach our target, it is good to behave in a way that has already been established in advance.

There are specific rules known by my students, that allow to further cut the risk if, for example, trade does not reach the level that interests us within a given period of time or totally eliminates the risk if our trade is not executed within a certain time.
They may seem small things, but they make a difference.

The Wall Street Secret is risking little for a short period of time.


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