Eighth Wonder


Hello Trader!

We are in the middle of July, most people have already burned those 10 days of vacation, they used all their savings to make a trip, to taste a little bit of freedom, but now it’s time to go back to work to get a big ass like a home, for those 10 days of fake freedom.

If you want to see your equity rise vertiginously, there is nothing better than compound interest.

Each time you earn, your capital grows and instead of withdraw what you earn, you let every time that amount add uo to your initial capital.

It creates a interest on interest

In practice, this allows you to open slightly larger positions each time, still respecting the  money management relues, leaving space for greater earnings.

Repeating these mechanisms allows you to see your capital grow exponentially.

Obviously all this is only possible if you are working with strategies that work, which results from a proper knowledge of the market.

Remember, there is only one interpretation.

The Wall Street secret is the compound interest

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