Magic Gaps

Hello Trader!

corn gap.jpg


The price create a wonderful bullish volatility bubble, scoring the highest price since July 2016.

The icing on the cake are those significant gaps.

Just at the right moment Èlite Trading Strategy showed a big opportunity, which most likely my students and those familiar with the technique have recognized and did take advantage of this dynamic by placing a sell order.

The price went down quickly, creating a bearish volatility bubble to close those gaps.



Once created, those gaps have to be closed at any cost.

Brokers does not even let you see those gaps.

And there is a reason behind it.

With a final RR of about 1:5 I let you imagine the profit.

The manipulation of prices, is not only the heart of global financial markets, but it is the real pillar of the entire world economy.

You are still in time, but only for a while.

The Wall Street secret is to know what to do in every circumstance


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