The Project


Hello Dear Trader!

Let’s make things perfectly clear. As I said only few will have access to the knowledge.

I’m not allowed to spread the knowledge to everyone and definitely I won’t.

I don’t want things to change. It’s not my purpose.

The blanket it’s too short for everyone and must cover few people only.

The project it’s about creating a èlite.A small and privileged group.

Once we reach the number of traders equivalent to 10 this blog will become private and future content will be accessible only by those forming the èlite.

These 10 traders are those who will start by learning the Èlite Trading Strategy.

I do not want to rush you, but these are the terms.

One thing is sure, those too wary and fearful will get the door slammed in the face.

As always you can contact me at


Over time, it’s possible that the project may undergo changes

Have a nice day, see you soon.

The Wall Street Secret is the ability to make the right choices quikly